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Advancing the aerodynamic performance of mixed flow turbines

时间:2019-09-11 作者:

报告名称:Advancing the aerodynamic performance of mixed flow turbines



人:Prof Stephen Spence


Mixed flow turbines offer additional design freedom compared with conventional radial turbines. This is useful in the automotive turbocharger application to reduce rotor inertia, which can be very beneficial for the transient response of a highly-boosted downsized passenger car powertrain. Despite the fact that more than 50 million radial and mixed flow turbines are manufactured every year for turbocharger applications, there are relatively few published research studies on these important energy devices.

A recent research programme at Queen’s University Belfast has studied some of the principal design parameters, including the rotor cone angle, the inlet blade angle and the chord length of the rotor. The work showed the complex balance between aerodynamic and mechanical considerations to achieve he best performing solution for a wide range of operating conditions. This work also proposed a new three dimensional stator vane design to improve the matching of the flow field to the inlet of the mixed flow turbine rotor, resulting in efficiency improvements. This lecture will report the design, testing and simulation of these turbine rotors and bring out some new physical insights of these complex turbines.


Professor Stephen Spence received his Bachelors degree and his PhD from Queen's University Belfast. He has been working in the area of radial turbomachinery for 25 years with various industrial collaborators, particularly international turbocharger manufacturers.

Prof Spence has been a past Chair of the IGTI Turbomachinery Committee and Associate Editor of the ASME Journal of Turbomachinery. He currently serves on the technical organizing committees for the IMechE Turbocharger Conference and the European Turbomachinery Conference. He leads the turbomachinery research group at Queen's University with ten PhD students and research fellows, which includes Chinese PhD students and Visiting Researchers.

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