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Dean’s Message

Education is the soul as well as the foundation ofa nation. Dalian Maritime University is a national key university affiliated toMinistry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China. It is a national key universitythat had been officially admitted into the 211 Project as well as a national “first-class discipline” university.The "Transportation Engineering Discipline" is the main discipline of developing Dalian Maritime University to a world-class university.As a core of theestablishmentof "Transportation Engineering Discipline", the College of Transportation Engineering has an experienced team of faculty, advanced educationsystems,warmacademic atmosphere,pleasantcultural environment and colorful campus activities. Over the years, the college has cultivated thousands of high-quality innovative talents with international vision and national spirit, marine awareness and social responsibility, broad knowledge and development potential, innovative spirit and practical ability as well asgoodpersonality and health.

As the backbonein maritime transportationin China, the College of Transportation Engineering participates in a variety of scientific and social activities. It has participated inthe evaluation of major national projects and undertakenthe major projects, graduallyextendingitsinfluenceinthe industry. It has establishedpartnershipwith many research institutes and enterprises in the industry, and a number of key laboratories andBases of Industry, University and Researchhave been built,which has gainedthe recognition of relevant authorities and other parties within the industry.Besides,it is also supported bymulti-major-nationalkey scientific research projects.

To lead the development of world maritime education, the college has clear vision across the worldandmakes effort tostep up to the world stage.The college strives to build a comprehensive, multi-level and high-quality platform for international cooperation and exchange on which a number of international activities are done including Sri Lanka campus of Dalian maritime University, Sino-foreign cooperative education, international student training, international academic conferences, foreign scholarships, etc., which promotes cross-cultural and cross-regional exchanges and cooperation. Thus, the talents with international awareness, international communication skills and international competitiveness are cultivated, and major progress has been made on international cooperation.

The missions of the College of Transportation Engineering areto take roots in China, focus on maritime characteristics, serve the country’s sea-related strategies, and contribute to the development of the transportation industry.; The beliefs of every person serving the transportation industryare to lead the development of maritime education, promote transportation technology and cultural progress and offer China’s experience, China’s model and China’s wisdom to the development of global maritime education.

All faculty membersin the College of Transportation Engineering will continue tobetterthemselves and activelyoutline their visionfor thebrand newfuture of maritime education.